Holiday Pop Up Pet Portrait Sessions at CB2 Soho!

I was honored to partner with CB2 Soho for another pet portrait day, this time with some holiday flair and LOTS more dogs!

Cover photo model: Tibby!

Our first pet portrait day in April was a huge success with a special appearance by celebridog Wally the Welsh Corgi, a very happy adoption match between the founder of maison de pawZ and teeny chihuahua Marcel (formerly Eddie from Friends with Four Paws), and best of all, we raised $3400 for Foster Dogs, Inc.!

After the success of the April event with 17 dogs coming through the store for their professional pet portraits, I was expecting 25-30 dogs for the Holiday Pet Portrait Day. Imagine my surprise when I took a break from shooting photos and turned around to see a whole crowd of dogs and dog lovers waiting behind me!

I fell in love with each of the 57 dogs I photographed that day so I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. Instead I have decided to recognize each dog’s unique star qualities in the first ever NYC Pet Photographer Awwwwards!

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Without further ado, I now present the Awwwward Winners…

πŸ† Best Pose πŸ†

Lily, Roland, Link, and Nori

Future celebridogs and top models!

πŸ† Most Likely to be the Poster Dogs for this event in 2018 πŸ†

Hamida and Oswald

πŸ† Best Action Shot πŸ†


(If this GIF isn’t displaying correctly, try viewing it on Giphy.)

Don’t worry, Nori, nobody saw that…

πŸ† Best Ears πŸ†


πŸ† Best Eyes πŸ†

Tuk Tuk

πŸ† Cutest Couple πŸ†

Dante + Athena, York + Duncan, Freddie + Hendrix, and Lola + Blue

πŸ† Cutest Siblings πŸ†

Roger + Madge

πŸ† Best Groomed πŸ†

Happy and Penny

Happy with his adorable fox ears and Penny who came with her own hairdressers!

πŸ† Best Smile πŸ†

Genie, PowderPuff, Penny, and Cyan

πŸ† Best Dressed πŸ†

Delilah and Lucky

πŸ† Best Instagram Name πŸ†

Chance the Yapper

πŸ† Biggest Flight Risk #1 πŸ†


(If this GIF isn’t displaying correctly, try viewing it on Giphy.)

The only one photographed with a leash, but Photoshop magic sets Indy freeeeee!

πŸ† Biggest Flight Risk #2 πŸ†


(If this GIF isn’t displaying correctly, try viewing it on Giphy.)

Ready, set…oh hello!

πŸ† Class Clown πŸ†

Samson and Momo

πŸ† Best Head Tilt πŸ†

Poppy and Obi-Wan Kenobi

πŸ† Best Beard πŸ†

Billy, Luke, and Lexington

πŸ† Best Hair πŸ†

Addie and Phoebe

πŸ† Best Friends πŸ†

Leo + Bubs and Alvie + Ruby

πŸ† Best Blep πŸ†


πŸ† Best Impression of a Stuffed Animal πŸ†

Thomas and York

πŸ† Most Punctual πŸ†


Otis arrived hours early!

πŸ† Most Friendly πŸ†

Yeppeo and Watson

πŸ† Most Holiday Spirit πŸ†

Scaps + Sally and Twinky + Sparky

πŸ† Best Laugh πŸ†


(If this GIF isn’t displaying correctly, try viewing it on Giphy.)

πŸ† Most Formal πŸ†

Roxy and Milo

πŸ† Best Puppy Eyes πŸ†


I’ll give you anything you want, lil guy!

πŸ† Most Sleepy πŸ†

Nugget and Kylie

This award goes to the puppies of course!

πŸ† Most Unique πŸ†


(You may recognize this handsome fella from my photo shoot of his reunion with his mom Emma!)

πŸ† Best Outtake πŸ†


And last, but certainly not least…

πŸ† Best Assistant πŸ†

My incredibly supportive husband, Jon

None of this would have been possible without this man.

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to all of the award winners! πŸŽ‰

Special thanks to the CB2 staff who helped make this event happen: James, Louise, Latisha, and Amy. 

CB2 products featured in this photo shoot:

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