1. Proposal: Mike & Wendy

    Date 19 Apr 2015
    Yesterday I had the great honor of arranging and photographing another good friend’s proposal. Mike not only entrusted me with documenting his surprise proposal to Wendy, but he also asked my fiancé Jon and I to help set it up. Mike’s plan: They’re taking a Saturday afternoon stroll through Central Park when Wendy finds a…

  2. Proposal: Jason & Katie

    Date 24 Oct 2014
    People have asked me “why did you choose to be a pet photographer?” Well, first of all, I’m crazy about animals, especially cats and dogs. What I love the most is how easy it is to capture an animal’s true personality. They don’t get self-conscious like people and most animals…

  3. My new life with a shy, fearful dog: Escher's Happy Tail + Resources for Reactive Dog Owners

    Date 13 Aug 2014
    Back in March, I started a new initiative to photograph the “happy tails” of animals adopted from the ASPCA Animal Shelter. Up until then, we had asked adopters to submit their own photos. But I thought we could do a better job honoring adopters while showing the joy that comes…

  4. My Great Aunt Dinah, 100 Years Young

    Date 20 Jun 2014
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest GIF there ever was Happy 100th Birthday, Dinah! You are an inspiration to the whole family and we all love you very much. In honor of this occasion, Dinah’s daughter Farrell collected photos, drawings, and messages from Dinah’s family and friends…

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